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The medical device designed in the IV-Lab project is a micro-sensorized system capable of monitoring the health status of patients. The unique micro size and multiple sensing capabilities of the platform are outstanding for the development and application of this device in many fields. In particular, this device will find important applications in the field of cardiovascular disease, in those patients in which the early detection of hemodynamic behaviour and specific biomarkers could reduce the re-hospitalization and mortality (e.g. heart failure, coronary restenosis after stent implantation). The optimal implementation of a Heart Failure Management Plan requires a multidisciplinary team that is active along the whole Heart Failure trajectory, from onset, through critical events, periods of apparent stability, and its terminal stages.

Gaps in evidence

Disease management

i. Remote monitoring

The role of remote monitoring strategies in HF in the post COVID-19 era

ii. Optimal models

Studies on optimal models for follow-up of stable HF patients

iii. Studies

Studies to determine specific options for palliative care