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IV-Lab Tutorial

IV-Lab Opening

Harald Giessen

IV-Lab Tutorial Welcome

Virgilio Mattoli

The clinical context

Rosa Sicari

Biological vascular response to implanted medical devices

Serena Del Turco

Interactive nanocoatings for blood compatibility and prevention of bacterial colonization

César Rodriguez Emmenegger

Implantable sensing devices: the-state-of-the-art

Arianna Mazzotta

Photonic structures: Microfabrication and applications in chemical sensing

Larisa Florea

Microfabrication technologies for microdevice and sensors

Virgilio Mattoli

3D printed microptics

Harald Giessen

OFET bio-sensing, principles and architectures

Adrica Kyndiah

Electrochemical bio-sensing, principles and approaches

Monica Mir

Electronics for sensor interfacing: basic concepts and approaches

Marco Crepaldi